Like many modern success stories, the genesis of Teasdale Estate Agents can be traced back to humble beginnings early in 1987. A real estate agent set out in pursuit of a successful sales career. To maximise the effectiveness of his business in the face of increased competition from large, franchised organisations eventually that agent established a set ideals upon which an organisation would be based.

A real estate business should:

  • Have the potential to grow and provide clients with a powerful network of local agents
  • Be local, responsive and independent, so they can continue to provide clients with real expertise
  • Seek out the very best agents in any particular town or suburb
  • Integrity and proven expertise
  • Have a flawless reputation spanning decades
  • Have the desire to provide exceptional service
  • Be progressive and demonstrate industry leadership in our area
  • Have a commitment to the ideal of continuios improvement

We’re not perfect but we are better.

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