One of the main advantages of using a professional to manage your investment property is peace of mind. Qualified property managers know the market place, ensuring you receive maximum returns on your investment. They also have an understanding of the relevant legislation, paperwork and that is required under the various Acts.

The world of property management can be quite complex with many legislations affecting the everyday workings of a tenancy and lessor relationship. E.g.: The Privacy Act, Anti-discrimination Act, Trade Practices Act, Property Agents and Motors Dealers Act and the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act.

Using a agency to manage your property alleviates you from the pressure of having to deal with tenancy issues. Property managers negotiate rents and leases on your behalf, sign and complete all documentation required by legislation, attend to maintenance issues, organise quotes, complete routine inspection, attend to the payment of maintenance accounts, disburse funds to you monthly or twice monthly, provide you with a written financial statement of your rental funds, complete final inspections when your tenants vacate, plus

There are many functions of property management that are required to be done that a private lessor may not be aware of. The skill and expertise of an agent will reduce the risk of non-compliance with the Act and save you as the investor from facing the possibility of financial penalties through non-compliance.

Teasdale Estate Agents are a property management real estate agency focused on providing superior property management services to landlords on the Northside of Brisbane. As your property managers we have two goals; firstly, to remove the hassle out of owning an investment property and secondly to help our owners achieve the very best return on their investment.

Award Winning and Experienced Property Managers

When your looking to entrust your valuable asset you need to know it’s with someone you can trust. Our team is REIQ Accredited with a business backing of 25 years in successful property management.

Teasdale Estate Agents own Property Managers are experienced professionals who manage hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of property on behalf of investor’s right around the Redcliffe.

What Makes Our Property Management Service So Amazing?

Many real estate agents offer property management services but their primary focus is on the sales of property.
Too often the property management department is seen as the poor cousin to the sales department.

At Teasdale Estate Agents the Property Management department is operated as an equal and important part of the team. The property managers are specialists in property management on Redcliffe who are experts in their field.

Backed by a quality assured Best Practice system and an award winning team who have been selected time again and time again you can be feel comfortable and have greater confidence and peace of mind that you are in the hands of a specialist.

A Full Management Service No Matter Where Your Property Is Located

When choosing a property manager there is a single misconception that stands out against all others. Many investors believe they have to choose a property manager with an office in the same neighbourhood as their investment property.

In the past there were two reasons why choosing the closest property manager had its advantages. Prospective tenants had to visit offices to find our vacant properties and to pay their weekly rent.

These days these limitations are no longer relevant. Prospective tenants don’t need to visit rental offices looking for potential rentals anymore as they simply don’t have the time. With nearly all tenant enquiries coming from the internet now and the remainder coming from the newspaper it means you can virtually all most 100% of our entire tenant enquiry now comes from the internet. Rentals now are paid through a variety of non-cash methods over the internet and telephone banking.

This means that Teasdale Estate Agents can quickly and very easily lease properties in a much larger geographic area than what we could just 5 or 10 years ago. Because we now look after property right across Redcliffe it means we can now very quickly assess weekly rents in any given Redcliffe suburb to determine what the right amount of rent is for a particular property

Tenants in Demand

Our tenants in demand information provides an insight into the number of tenants we currently have contact with who are waiting to rent property. Most of these tenants have a proven track record and are in immediate need of a place to rent due to a change in circumstances.

If you have a property that meets the criteria of any of our tenants in demand please contact us for further information.

Quality Service Competitive Rate

You might have heard that Teasdale Estate Agents have some of the most competitive rates for property management around. We’re serious about service and even more serious about ensuring that we provide the best possible value.

You’ll be plenty surprised to hear just how competitive our offer can be.

Call today for more information tailored to your property management needs.