Here’s how you can get a better tenant, paying more rent in less time, and it won’t cost you a cent…

    • Want your money in your account sooner?
    • Property manager not living up to expectations?
    • Not getting every dollar possible from your investment?
    • Just looking for a stress-free solution?

Most tenants pay their rent weekly so why shouldn’t you be getting those funds into your account weekly too. By paying our Owner weekly too we at Teasdale Estate Agents we do more to ensure that your funds are in your hands quicker. That’s why more investors seek out our service as experienced reliable property managers. You’ll also gain real time access to your account online which also can invaluable to management your investment budget.

What a lot of investment property owners don’t know, is there isa simple way to get a better quality tenant move into your property, in less time and it won’t cost you any more than what you’re currently doing.

Simply by taking a couple of moments to read this letter, we’ll show you how.

First of all let us briefly introduce ourselves we are the Business Development Team here at Teasdale Estate Agents which is a large agency with a specialist property management department. We are specialist in managing properties and in supporting investors throughout the processing or buying and selling investment properties.

The reason this is important is that many real estate agents don’t take a long term approach to the management of property.  As a result the property management service they provide, particularly when it comes to finding tenants for your property is not very effective.  We view providing you with a quality property management service as a very important part of our overall relationship.

If you’ve ever felt like you don’t know what’s going on with your property, or you’ve had problems getting answers from your property manager or even getting in touch with them in the first place, chances are your property is managed by a company whose focus is on sales and not property management.

The bad news is that this has a big effect on you, when you’re flying to find a new tenant to put in your property. The good news is we can solve this problem for you, quickly and for FREE.

You see, most property owners don’t know that they can use two companies to help find a tenant for their property instead of just one. It makes sense that using two companies instead of one will result in you finding a tenant faster for your property. So rather than ditch your existing agent, why not use us to help you as well.

Here’s why we’re able to speed up the process of renting your property and maximizing your rent.

  • We employ specialist leasing consultants who are trained to negotiate the very best rent for your property every time it is leased. Just as a better sales consultant will get you a better price for your house, so too will a better leasing consultant get you a higher rent.
  • We have a bigger pool of prospective tenants than any other agency. Because we manage more properties and have more property available and advertised for rent at any one time, we get more tenants call us. Because of this we get more tenants to see your property, get more competition to rent it and subsequently get a higher price.
  • We specialise in property management. The core business of our department is residential property management and because we devote 100% of our time, energy and passion to doing one thing extremely well we are simply better at what we do.

Many people think that engaging an extra agent to help find a tenant for their property is difficult.
Nothing could be further from the truth.

It takes one phone call to us and we’ll arrange everything else. All you need to do is give us permission to get in contact with your existing agent. You don’t even have to pick up the phone and call them. We’ll do that for you.

Of course they can continue to help find a tenant for you as well. If they find a suitable tenant for you before we do and you’re happy with the job they’ve done, then that’s great, you should continue to have your property managed by them. And you don’t pay us a cent.

If however your agent is like most agents, and we find a good quality tenant for you first, all you do is pay us the let fee that you would have paid your existing agent.

Here’s the best part, we’ll then manage your property for you FREE of any management fees for the first 3 months.

If you choose to have us manage your property, we’ll do it absolutely FREE of any management fees for the first 3 months. And if at the end of 3 months if you’re not completely happy, you can take the management of your property back to your existing agent.

It’s no risk to you and it’s absolutely hassle free.

It’s a bit like a trial period. And if you don’t absolutely think that we do a better job than your existing agent, you can swap straight back without any penalties or cost.

Call our property management team today. One phone call will put you closure to being to having us help you rent your property and its easy and hassle free. Give us a call straight away. The sooner the call, the sooner you can become another one of our stress free investment property owners

Property Management Team

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