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The following should answer questions you might have before, during, when vacating and after your tenancy. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.


Connect services in your name, The following numbers are for your reference:

ENERGEX: 131253
TELSTRA: 132200


Your landlord is responsible for insuring the building. Their policy does not cover your contents. If you wish to insure your furniture and personal belongings, you must take out a separate policy.


Unless specified to the contrary, you are required to maintain and regularly water lawns and gardens. Make sure lawn clippings and organic waste are removed from the property and not dumped on the grounds as this is considered rubbish.


Please be aware that if we receive a genuine complaint in reference to noise, music etc.., or any other unnecessary noise by either yourself or your visitors, a written warning will be given and if any more complaints are received, immediate action will be taken.


You are responsible for the cost of water as specified in your lease.


The Tenancy Agreement As a tenant you have signed an agreement between you and the lessor (owner) of the property. This is an important legal document that gives you certain rights but also certain legal obligations. These are laid out clearly in the Residential Tenancies Authority Form 17a Information Statement supplied by our office.

Please take the time to read this book and make sure you understand what is required.It is also important that you understand that this agreement is a form of contract and cannot be broken by either party without penalty. This means that you are obligated until the end of your fixed term (the end date of your agreement).

Sometimes situations arise which cause people to think they can or should be able to break their tenancy. Life is never that simple because it is a legally binding contract you may in fact be responsible for compensation to the owner if you do this.

Occupancy of the Property

Only the people on the original application are allowed to reside at the property permanently. If a new tenant wishes to move into the property you must advise us immediately and an application form must be completed (100 ID points must be provided). We will then process the application and you will be advised of approval or otherwise as soon as possible. The person should not move into the property until we have advised you that it is in order to do so.

Tenancy Renewals

Approximately 6 weeks before the end of your fixed term tenancy you may be offered an extension of your tenancy for a further fixed term. This obviously depends on the lessor’s instructions at the time. We would appreciate your early attention to this so that we can ensure that the interests of both parties are catered for. Your lessor may not be in favour of tenants staying in the property on a periodic basis, so please take this into account when you are making your decision.

End of Tenancy

Please note that there are required notice periods for ending a tenancy whether at the end of a fixed term (lease) or during a periodic (ongoing) tenancy. The Residential Tenancies Authority Information Booklet outlines these notice periods. Please note you are always required to put your intention to vacate in writing. This is best done on the approved Residential Tenancies Authority Form 11 (Notice of Intention to Leave) however, a letter will be satisfactory.

On this notice you are required to state the date you will be leaving the property. If you will be vacating before the end of your fixed term tenancy (breaking the lease) you will be required to fill out a Agreement to Terminate Fixed Term Tenancy form which can be provided by our office.

Upon receipt of your notice we will notify you of your specific obligations when you leave. Tenancy References There is nothing more important to you as a tenant than you references. Everytime you apply for a property agents check your references with your previous managing agents. We utilise international database to register “Bad Tenants” please don’t let this be you. Make sure your aware of your obligations and enjoy renting with our office.


Paying RentPayment of Rent You have been provided with either a National deposit book that contains your individual agent number. Please use this number (you don’t need any other description) when making your rent payment through any of the following options.

– Automatic transfer from your bank account.

– Automatic transfer from your salary.

– internet Banking.

– At any Commonwealth Bank branch.

– Post a cheque, money order or bank cheque to our office.

Don’t forget to write your address on the back. If using automatic transfer or internet banking please make your payment on or before the due date to allow for transfer from your bank.

After your initial payment please call our office to confirm that your payment has been set up correctly.

If at any time you need a copy of your rental payments we will be happy to provide you with a copy of your rental ledger. Rental Arrears Your agreement calls for you to pay your rent in advance, NOT IN ARREARS. This means that rent should be paid on or before the due day at all times.

We have a strict policy in relation to arrears management and will follow the system outlined below:

4-7 days – A reminder notice will be forwarded to you. A phone call will be made or a SMS message will be sent to your mobile to check on why you are in arrears.

7 days – A Notice to Remedy Breach will be sent to you under the Residential Tenancies Authority – this requires you to remedy the situation within 7 days.

14 days – If the arrears situation is not remedied within 7 days, a Residential Tenancies Authority Form 12 – Notice to Leave will be issued. This is the first part of the eviction process and should be taken very seriously.Rent must always be paid on time.

We understand that every now and then something may happen and your rental payment may be late. It is important that you call us in advance to let us know. If your rental payment is going to be more than seven days late, we will serve a Notice to Remedy. If your rent continues to remain in arrears then a notice to leave will be issued.

Only with Landlord permission can we cancel this notice for your tenancy to continue. A copy of this notice is kept on file and may be referred to should we be asked to give a reference for your tenancy at a later date, in addition this information is registered with T.I.C.A.

Should you have any difficulty paying rent call early and call often to keep us up to date 07 3203 1811.


Your lease can be renewed only with Landlord permission. Should the landlord not require the premises for any reason, a lease can be renewed provided your rent has been paid regularly on time, the premises kept clean and the grounds have been properly maintained.


PetsWe regret that no pets are permitted on the premises, even temporarily, unless permission has been granted by the landlord and a special pet clause has been included in the tenancy agreement and signed by you. If you have been given approval to have pets at the property, it is important that you keep the pets outside as stated in your tenancy agreement. Pets are only allowed at the discretion of the lessor.

DO NOT attempt to conceal an animal on the premises, it could lead to the termination of your tenancy. The Caboolture Shire Council conducts house to house random audits to identify which premises have pets and whether they are registered, or qualify as a dangerous or a restricted breed.

For further information on which breeds are restricted contact the State Government Department of Local Government and Planning on 3227 8825 or visit the website

Pets are not permitted on any premises unless they have been approved. Tenancy agreements reflect permission for a pet, and the Act covers the tenant’s responsibilities with regard to pets.

As a tenant in one of our properties you agree to this clause:

“The tenant accepts full responsibility for any animal that the tenant brings or allows upon the rented premises with or without the consent of the Lessor/Agent and will be solely liable for all loss and damage or injury suffered by any person who is injured by such animal but if any action is brought against the Lessor/Agent by any person despite the Tenant being responsible as aforesaid, the Tenant will indemnify and hold harmless the Lessor/Agent from any claim, action suit or demand brought against it/them by any person injured by such animal.”

“The Lessor/Agent accepts no responsibility for the safe keeping of the approved pet at the approved premises. The tenant accepts that it is their responsibility to keep the pet restrained at all times at the property, and the tenant must ensure that the pet is restrained at the time of any inspection by any person acting on the lessor/agents instructions. We accept no responsibility for the safe keeping of any pets at your home.”


DON’T “Do it yourself”!Don’t do any rennovations or alterations yourself. Leave it to the experts. Tenant are not allowed to carry out alterations to the property without written approval from the owner or us as their agent. It is highly unlikely you will be given approval unless you are a qulified tradesperson in the field.

At the end of the tenancy you must return the property to its condition at the start unless you have been given written permission to do otherwise. Please do not insert any screws, nails, hooks or hanging devices into the property without permission.

We also ask that you refrain from using blu-tac or adhesives of any type to attach items to the walls of the property. If you do use these substances you could be responsible for repair / repainting at your expense at the end of the tenancy. If there is any damage to the property whilst you are in occupation you can be held liable for its repair. Should you attempt to carry out the repairs and they are not done to a satisfactory standard you could be responsible for an additional expense at the end of your tenancy.

If any repairs are necessary please contact our office and we will instruct an approved trades person.


Taking care of the propertyYou have agreed to and are required to under the Act to take good care of the property so as to ensure at the end of the tenancy you can leave the property in the same condition as it was at the start of your tenancy. This includes cleanliness and care of the gardens, driveways and entrances. We’re local property manager an often our daily duites take us past many properties. It is a requirement that you regularly mow, weed, remove garden rubbish and edge the garden areas.

Car Parking

Please only park cars in designated areas and not on front nature strips or lawns. Ensure that all designated parking areas are kept free from oil spills and stains. This is particularly important if you are living in a unit, you must follow the rules of the Body Corporate.

Rubbish Bins

All rubbish must be placed in the bins provided. Please do not store rubbish in boxes or bags at the property, as this will create a pest problem. All rubbish bins must be kept in the designated place. Pools If you are living in a property with a pool please be aware of your obligations under the Residential Tenancies Authority. Carpet Care Information It is recommended that you have the carpets shampooed when there is a need to do so.

One of the most crucial areas of carpet maintenance is the removal of spots and spills. Acting quickly is the key to success, and also having the correct cleaning materials available. The most important maintenance step is thorough vacuuming. This needs to be completed regularly and more particularly in heavy traffic areas. Vacuuming removes soil and dirt particles before they become embedded into the pile of the carpet.

Follow these 5 Carpet Cleaning Steps:

1. Scoop up solids before cleaning

2. Blot as much liquid as possible using clean white toweling or paper towel

3. Clean – remember not to apply cleaning agents directly on the carpet

4. Rinse with cold water or lukewarm water only. Do not saturate the carpet

5. Blot dry with absorbent material such as paper toweling or use a cold air fan to complete drying

How to maintain your carpet:

1. Vacuum frequently

2. Remove spills immediately

3. Have the carpets professionally cleaned regularly or after any spillage.


Condition Reports and InspectionsEntry Condition Report

A completed condition report outlines the condition of the property at the start of your tenancy. On entry to a property you must complete this immediately and return it to our office within 3 working days. We keep a copy of the report and will use it during and at the end of the tenancy as our record if we do not receive yours back in the office. This is the best method you have of protecting your bond. This is important if you have any question please contact us. Attached to your entry condition report is an Acknowledgement of Entry Condition Report.

Please make sure that all parties sign this form and it is returned with your Condition Report within 3 working days. Inspections We carry out internal inspections of properties every 13 weeks. You will be advised in writing approximately 2 weeks before the inspection so that you may arrange to be present. We will use our management set of keys to enter the premises if you will not be present.

To assist us with inspections, please leave a note on the kitchen bench top of any issues you would like brought to our attention.


Emergency Maintenance SituationsFor non emergency maintenance please submit a request by click the link to the right. There is a range of situations that arise outside of normal business hours. Please take a few minutes to assess it yourself. If it is an emergency it usually means your health, safety or security is at risk. In these instances you should consult the tenancy agreement or this site for the names of our preferred tradespeople. You may also contact us and leave a message and we will respond the next working day.

Your Property Managers AvailabilityIf you need to talk with your Property Manager, please call to arrange an appointment. If you come in without prior arrangement, you most probably will find us out of the office.

Make sure you call first, so that we can give you quality time to attend to your enquiry. 07 3283 1333 or


Moving OutBreaking your lease If you have signed a lease, firstly, we must be informed in writing of your intention to vacate. Please also be aware, we cannot under any circumstances accept your notice verbally. On breaking your lease, you will be responsible for the following charges:

a) rent until a new tenant is secured b) agent re-letting fee c) reletting advertising expenses d) also normal vacating procedure will apply General Vacating Should you wish to vacate the premises at the end of your lease, you must give us written notice of at least two(2) weeks prior to the end of the lease. It would be appreciated if you would advise us four weeks prior in order that we can commence re-letting the property. If you are on a periodical lease we must also receive 14 days notice.

Again notice cannot be accepted unless it is received in writing and the 14 days cannot begin until we receive your notice. Bond Refunds Your bond will be refunded provided the following occurs:

1) any break lease expenses are paid

2) any outstanding water costs are paid

3) all rent is paid to the agreed date

4) the premises passes a final inspection.

Please also be aware that we do not hold on to your bond, the bond is lodged during your tenancy with the Bonds Section of the Residential Tenancies Authority in Brisbane. Therefore, once they have received a bond refund form signed by all appropriate parties, a refund cheque will be sent to your forwarding address within about 14 days.

Prior to Vacating Please ensure the premises are matched with the ingoing inspection report as this is the benchmark from which we conduct the final inspection.

A detailed final inspection guide is available to you. Make sure all mail is redirected to your new address. Please be aware that if mail is received after you have vacated it will be sent back “NOT AT THIS ADDRESS”. Please forward your new address and phone number to our office as soon as known. We require original carpet cleaning receipt, pest control receipt, and the rental booklet must be handed in together with the keys to the premises.

A receipt from the pool maintenance company and the report that the pool has been professionally serviced not more than 2 days prior to vacating the premises.


Subletting and Transfer of Tenancy Under NO circumstances can anyone reside permanently at the premises unless we have authorised this with landlord approval. Tenancies cannot be transferred, all prospective tenants have to submit a formal application and be approved from our office. Non compliance with the above will be registered with TICA, it also constitutes a breach of the tenancy agreement.

Tenant Information SiteOn this page you will find information to assist you. You can contact the office anytime during business hours on 3283 1333. Our asset managers and other team members within the office are available to assist you with your enquiries.

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