Reputation and local knowledge


Dean Teasdale is one of the most recognised local names amongst agents having sold hundreds of homes over decades.

Teasdale has listed and sold properties in the same street or just around the corner from just about every home.


Teasdale’s have been residents of local community for over 35 years.

The local leader; provider of quality real estate services.  

As licensed real estate agents they have served the community from Redcliffe to Deception Bay and surround for decades.

When you engage a Teasdale agent to assist with sale of your property you are hiring a specialist trained to maximise the sale potential of your property and minimise the complications that inevitably happen in the sale process, which can sometimes derail a transaction.


Achieving the highest possible sale price is the primary objective of sellers and this is also the priority for Teasdale agents. But almost equally important is the successful sale of the property and the solving of problems that can interrupt a sale like delays in meeting sale contract conditions. This is what Teasdale agents are especially good at.


Some sales tend to over-estimate selling prices in a rising market. It is these sales that often do not succeed unless there are significant price adjustments, which can result in a final sale price that is actually less than the market price that was achievable if the property was correctly marketed at first.


Getting an agent who can skilfully price your property in the market is key!

Sellers want to receive the highest price for a property whereas buyers want to pay the least amount as possible for a property. This creates a natural conflict between buyers and sellers a Teasdale agent will negotiate to an agreed outcome.


The selling price is not the only area of natural conflict between sellers and buyers. There is a legal minefield surrounding the sale of real estate today.


At Teasdale you can be assured of experience and reputation for results.


We’ll look after you.