October 2010 and prices are barely holding firm and demand from buyers certainly is decreasing earlier than the start of the seasonally quite period from mid November onwards.

Like any business when investing in property it’s important to remain positive and to look for the opportunities in the market.  Real Estate is a cyclical business.   Most investors understand that real estate is long term investment.  The relative slump of 2010 was just another phase of the market.

The real estate market was very much in danger of continuing to languish in the doldrums prior to the Brisbane and surrounding area floods.  Realistically though this flood event could be the shot in the arm that the market needs to kick start.  

Locally for example we have a high number of blue collar workers in the community.  With the clean-up and repair bill estimated at around $8 Billion+ these workers are going to busy for many years to come.  This will provide a much needed safety net for rental returns.

For many of the families, businesses and community organisations affected by the floods the road to recovery will be a long one.  Our area largely escaped undamage from the floods so the community here has rallied to support those hardest hit.

Our company has been operating for decades in the real estate business we are here to help you make the most of the market.  We’ll look after you.

Is there a Silver Lining for the Market?
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