In a property market which is currently slow, as a result of buyer uncertainty, auctions are proving a way of getting property to move.  Properties that go to auction are spending 40% less days on the market I expect this trend to continue. 

Even though there is uncertainty about the market, the future, carbon tax and so on, there are often no real concrete reasons why properties are not selling. 

I am seeing this across our market, where auctions are moving properties faster than other sales methods.

I encourage vendors to go to auction for a number of reasons.  For the vendor, it provides a set date when they will know the result of the sale.  For the buyer who might be thinking about a property and are considering their options, an auction actually helps them make a decision.

In many ways an auction is a mini version of the market. 

On the day, both the vendor and buyer can see what the interest is and the price people are prepared to pay.  An auction says this is the day, this is the time, make a decision.  It makes people certain one way or the other.

If property owners really want to sell their property, I tell them to go to auction, I  know they will get a result on the day.  We know the market, we know the buyers, and we can bring those buyers to the auction and get a result.

If you’re thinking of selling your property at Redcliffe or the surrounding suburbs I am available to you at anytime on 0403 751 551.

David T

Propety sales under the hammer
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