Opening up your doors to strangers to inspect your home may seem a little unsettling as an idea. The pedantic side of you might spring straight for the cleaning cupboard to ensure your home is in tip-top condition.

Another part of you might go through your house to make sure each room looks its best. The shy person within may say, no, this is no way to market my home.

The spare room is often an area that isn’t used for any other than storage. Whether it’s a few bits of mismatched furniture or old boxes, many homeowners can put all types of odds and ends here and leave them to sit for a while.
If you’re about to host open inspections at your house, or you’re only permitting private appointments, but you don’t know what to do with your spare room, here are three simple ideas to help you.


Show off the practicality of your home by installing a desk, swivel chair and a computer. Many people now have the ability to work from home and by creating a quiet, peaceful area, you can show prospective buyers what your property has to offer.

Grab a few bookshelves, a comfy chair, rug and a footrest and you can easily convert your spare room into a little library. Play around with the decor to get the feel you want – whether it’s a light and airy space or warm, cosy reading nook.

Fitness room
Have you got a couple of pieces of fitness gear lying around? Convert your spare room into a small gym. Whether it’s a Swiss ball, yoga mat, a treadmill or a couple of dumbbells, it’s easy to show the potential the room has as a home gym.

If you happen to be short by a couple of items, ask a friend or family member to lend you a few things. Don’t leave your spare room empty or filled with clutter – spruce it up in whichever way you feel to show buyers the potential and options your home has to accommodate their lifestyle.

Ultimately, showing people how your home could perform, rather than how you currently use it, often widens its appeal. That’s what you’re aiming for – attracting the broadest possible range of buyers so your agent can maximise your price.

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