All prospective tenants who apply for a property with our company are firstly required to inspect the home.

The purpose of this inspection is not only for them to view the property and check its suitability but for the agent to meet them and get a “feel” about them.  This initial inspection is like a silent interview.  It gives the agent a first impression of the prospect – how well they present themselves, how they communicate, were they pleasant to deal with.  It also gives the agent the opportunity to ask some basic questions about where they are coming from and their reason for moving.  This is the first step in the agent’s research of the prospect.

All prospects are required to complete a detailed application form and provide employment and rental references together with 100 points of identification.

Applications are checked thoroughly, including cross-checking the tenancy default database, contact their employment to confirm income information and stability, confirming past rental history, obtaining details about their payment history along with inspection reports.

We then contact you regarding the outcome of the application screening process so that you can make an informed decision on the application.

We offer our advise based on what we know (the facts), however the final decision is always yours in selecting from the applicants that we present.

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