Pool season is upon us so David Teasdale asked the experts about the weather warming up and pools having the potential to become breeding grounds for bugs.

There are 5 simple steps now, pool owners can avoid the much greater cost of making a green pool crystal clear.

The research shows that 96 per cent of Australian pools take a dive in health during the cooler months, leading to a build up of harmful bacteria, which could affect the health of those swimming in it.

‘Lots of people take a break from regularly adding chlorine to the pool during winter. But as the weather warms up, many get caught out with a pool that has suddenly turned green,’ Mike said.

‘Untreated pools can cause real harm to family and friends with the increased levels of microorganisms, algae and bacteria posing serious health risks like diarrhoea, ear infections and eye and skin irritations’.

‘Out of more than 1000 pool water samples taken across the country, just four per cent of pools showed a healthy pH balance and only one in five were properly chlorinated.

‘Pool owners, including tenants leasing properties with pools, should take the time now to check their pools so that they can enjoy them safely throughout the warm summer months.’

Teasdale Estate Agents  use the services of a professional technician to conduct regular water health and safety checks is sensible and frugal, but you don’t need a science degree to buy and use a test kit from a supermarket.

‘The experts say regular services are far more affordable than it would be to seek help once the water has turned green from flourishing bacteria, and we agree’ David said.

‘And who wouldn’t want to avoid the emotional stress and costs associated with a loved-one, friend or tenant becoming sick as a result of infected pool water.’

Five tips for early-season pool maintenance to ensure pools are healthy and ready for summer:

  1. Check the pool equipment to ensure it is in property running order
  2. Ensure the pH level is within healthy levels
  3. Make sure chlorine levels are adequate to disinfect all microorganisms
  4. Vacuum and skim the pool regularly
  5. Organize a regular professional check up


With Pools and Spas  for the monthly maintenance we use exclusively Crown Pools & Spas

‘Now is also a good time to check the pool’s compliance with state laws and regulations,’ David said.  For our pool safety requirements we us BD Pool Inspections

‘Each state and territory in Australia has laws governing pool safety that all pool owners and operators must comply with.

‘So, make sure you stay safe this summer and can swim with healthy abandon.’

Enjoy Summer and enjoy your pool safely.

Teasdale Estate Agents



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