The 50 basis point cut made by the Reserve Bank (RBA) last week sent a positive signal and may improve consumer confidence, but don’t expect a sudden resurgence of demand says one of the nation’s foremost property forecasters, Michael Matusik.

Over the past decade, the connection between cheaper money and housing market improvements has been broken, he says, by artificial stimulus like government first-home buyer grants and building boosts. These have distorted the normal property cycle, inflated demand and prices, and have made the housing market more cyclical than it used to be.

Underlining Matusik’s point is the fact that despite falls of nearly 1.5% in mortgage interest rates in the past year, new housing starts have continued to decline, and, soft April home values show that despite a somewhat stable start to 2012, national home values have slipped 0.7% year to date.

More than one rate cut needed to kick start the market