David Teasdale, Director, Teasdale Property Group, can see the signs already that this Spring may just be the best one for a while in the local market.  Mr. Teasdale said local agents are preparing for a better selling season as the market is showing signs of recovery.  Right now there might just be a positive sign for a new sense of normal. 

Mr Teasdale said that the stats stack up. The last part of year should see slightly higher sales volumes locally.  More buyers’ means better results for sellers and more homes on the market means a greater choice and satisfaction for buyers. 

When you think about it, it makes great sense that the best time to sell a property in a coastal community like ours is during spring or early summer when it’s not too hot and everything is looking absolutely stunning around the bay. 

Sales should peak around late September through to mid October

Mr Teasdale has this advice for local sellers, “if you’re thinking of selling, getting prepared for the selling season is pretty important.  There’s nothing wrong with calling a few local agents before you’re ready to sell. Pick their brains about where your property sits in the market and if you’re considering making any improvements for the purpose of sale get some advice so you make sure you get the best  bang for your renovation buck.”

Spring buyers will be looking for lifestyle improvements.  Many buyers are looking to stretch their budgets to achieve the best possible value whilst matching it with their wish list.  For sellers it’s about packing as much value as you can into your property while keeping within the market.

Let the Selling Season Begin